Sponsorship FAQs

1. Who should we contact if we want to sponsor?
  1. Please email symposium.sponsorship@pmi.org.ph for sponsorship opportunities.
2. What are my benefits for joining the event?
  • Get a chance to connect with over 500 decision-makers, project, program, portfolio management professionals, executives, and practitioners.
  • Data & Analytics Report. Know who and how many buyers visited your booth (plus, get insights on what actions they took in your booth!)
  • Interact with attendees in real-time through one-on-one live chat or video calls
  • Easily share your brochure or product catalogs to attendees
  • Link your website, online product demo, digital showroom, or social media pages to your virtual booth
  • Attendees can use your booth’s meeting scheduler to request one-on-one virtual meetings with your booth representatives. Your reps may customize their calendars based on their available time.
3. How can I update my booth collaterals and other details?
  1. Each booth comes with its own secure content management system (CMS). This is where you can upload your materials and modify the other details for your virtual booth.
4. How can I access the event during the live days?
  1. Each of your assigned booth representatives will be given their own unique access link to the event. There you may be able to chat, accept video calls, meet with attendees, and access the booth’s analytics dashboard.
5. What devices and software are required?
  • Secure a laptop/desktop with a working microphone and webcam.
  • Make sure to use an updated browser for the best experience. The platform works best with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, IE 11, and Mozilla Firefox. It also accessible with Safari but due to this browser’s settings, some features may not work as well.
  • Make sure to have a stable internet connection. You need a minimum of 5mbps to navigate and chat. For video calls, we recommend at least 10mbps.
  • The platform is mobile-responsive with some compromise when it comes to the graphics (for example, you won’t see your booth structure and the lobby design). But the networking tools will still be available.
6. What security setting does the platform have?
  1. The platform follows the highest standards for privacy and data security via Amazon Web Services.
7. How can I interact with the attendees?
  1. There are 3 ways to interact with the attendee:
  1.  You may do a video call.
  2.  You may converse through the booth group chat or have private one-on-one chat.
  3.  Attendees may leave a message and they will be directed to your email.
8. If I am not in my booth, how will attendees contact me?
  1. They may use the following tools:
  1.  Meet-up button – to request for meetings
  2.  Chat – to leave a message to your booth representatives
  3.  Leave a Message – to send you a message via email
9. How can I promote my services and products in the booth?
  1. There are several ways to promote your products and services in your booth:
  1.  Complete information about your company, from company info, products and services you offer, social media sites and websites, this is to entice attendees to get in touch with you.
  2.  Include your brochures, flyers and promotional materials.
  3.  Upload your company material ADs to be placed on the banners
  4.  Upload your company videos to be played on the screen
  5.  Promote your products by sending your product photos which will be included under the products tab
10. Is the platform accessible on mobile?
  1. Yes, the platform is accessible on mobile with some compromise when it comes to the graphics (for example, you won’t see the booth structure and the virtual lobby design). But the networking tools will still be available.
11. Can we still stay after the show hours?
  1. Yes, the platform will be accessible 24 hours from November 22 – 25, 2021
12. If I have technical problems, who should I contact?
  1. For booth issues, please contact the following numbers
  2. Patricia Martinez - +639177032992 or Aimee Jalbuena - +639177068087

  1. For sponsorship requirements and tech concerns, please contact the following numbers:
  2. Patricia Martinez - +639177032992 or email her at patricia.martinez@globallinkmp.com or Lyn Padilla - +639177068100 or email her at lyn.padilla@globallinkmp.com
  3. During the event, you may also click on the “Help Desk” button to chat/talk with our technical team.
13. Are we able to get the details of those who visited our booth?
  1. Yes, sponsors will be provided with the data analytics after the event such as:
  • Who visited / clicked on your booth
  • How many times they visited your booth
  • No. of Visitors per day
  • Total Files View
  • Total Files Bookmark
  • Total Public Chatroom Enter
  • Total Public Chat Messaged
  • Total Clicks on your promotional collaterals
14. Can the booth representatives take a video call all at the same time?
  1. Yes, if someone wants to do a video call, the next available representative will receive the call. The calls from other representatives are uninterrupted because you use separate links.
15. What’s the maximum number for group call attendees?
  1. A group video call can accommodate a maximum of 4 attendees plus 1 booth representative.